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I need help asap,

i ordered a design and in the description it stated that i get free stuff which includes :

What You Will Get Free :

* One Side Design
* Vector Base Artwork
* Print Ready file
* Final File PNG - Transparent Background
* 3000 X 3000 pixels - 300dpi Resolution
* Unlimited colors
* Multiple Revision

but no i received only the basic design on a t shirt, i also received a Psd file which doesn't open,
i told the seller to send the rest of my stuff but he kept ignoring the fact and wanted to offer me the free stuff for money. what the?
it was my first time purchasing, and might be my last.
before the order was even finished he asked me to send in a he was in a rush or something.
i have sent in a complaint to customer service, there no help at all. they expect me to resolve the issue.
they stated that they have contacted the seller, and they want me to notify them if i get contacted my the seller. nothing more. i'm stuck with the attached image below,not being able to get my t shirts printed. very unprofessional.
i will link the sellers page. don't trust the seller.

Sheriff's Note: Calling out sellers or buyers by user name is not permitted. Please read the Do's and Don'ts at the top of the page.

This one is tough because some of the things on the “free” list look like they could be interpreted broadly. Like, vector-based artwork doesn’t technically mean you would get the source file itself for free. If the seller very clearly didn’t give you what you paid for you have options. You can ask for cancellation and refund OR you can keep the work and leave a review that described what was wrong. Customer Support may not need to assist you unless the seller really under-delivered and you tried asking for a refund.

ive been trying to contact the seller for 2 days now, i had already written a review.based on me thinking i got what i paid for… no reply from him

be careful, because I’ve searched the image in google, and it’s not an original one. There are already t-shirts like the one you got on sale, so it might have a copyright. Probably you didn’t get any ps or vector file because the seller just took the image from the internet and sent it to you.

There we go. Thankyou for that Belen.
I’ve contacted customer support
They are organising a refund