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I need help: buyer asked for revision too late

Hi, I got order from the very unresponsive buyer. His average response times 2 days. So the problem is: I got 24 hours delivery order with 1 revision, I finished the work within 2 hours and delivered. However, he
was offline for 24hours and after that, instead of asking suggestions with a chat function, he asked for revision and now my order shows as late for 8 hours. The revision was done within 5 minutes and submitted but he’s now again offline…

Will this affect my ratings?

I already contacted CS about this but I’m waiting for an answer and want your opinions…

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No it wouldn’t.
If you delivered your first delivery within the order timeline you can take as much time for revisions as you want.

That would’ve been faster to read the forum :wink: it’s one of the most asked questions

Your buyer did a right thing. If they want change and need your opinion on that they should press “revision” button not asking it through chat inbox.

It’s his right. He doesn’t have to reply to you immediately. They have 3 days to request any revisions.

Thank you for your answer and sorry that I didn’t searched for the same topics. But why then It shows that I’m late? This started to show after revision:


That happens to everyone. Because technically order already passed it’s deadline but it wouldn’t affect your stats because it’s a revision and you delivered original order within the order timeline.


Ohhh, thank you! Now I feel relief :smiley:

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Basically, I was offering him an extra file for free because I wanted to help. But instead to accept - he asked revision and then typed “Yes, please. Please send me the file” :smiley:

Your buyer have done right thing. You can deliver after revision and wait for buyer response. If buyer not respond to you for three days. Then your order will automatically marked as complete.

I know that part but I wasn’t sure about that part when my order was marked as “Late”. Now I know that It will be good as my first delivery was within 2 hours after order start. Thank you guys!

Don’t worry because you delivered on time.
The order will be auto completed after 3 days from your latest delivery.

thanks for the information