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I need help contacting a seller!

A couple weeks ago I started a dialogue with a seller to get a couple questions answered prior to hiring him for a gig. We clicked, and he communicated some great ideas for what I want done. It took about a week for his second response, and he said that he hadn’t been notified of any messages I had sent. He just happened to check and saw that I had sent several. The last message I sent him was on the 8th asking if I should just order the gig or if he needed to send me a custom order (I was adding text), and haven’t heard back. I can see that he is fulfilling orders, but I don’t think he can see that I am messaging him. He was very excited to start on my order, and it’s for 5 separate designs, so I don’t think he is just avoiding me. We got along very well, and he understood my vision immediately. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of him? I REALLY want him to do my designs!

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Have you tried contacting Customer Service? Their link is at the bottom of the Fiverr home page.

That’s good advice vickiespencer. However, not so long ago, I think Fiverr’s homepage underwent a rearrangement of sorts. In the process, the CS link has moved from the bottom of the Fiverr homepage to someplace else.

The link to Contact CS has moved to the buyer/seller help center. Once you reach the buyer or seller help center (from the help & education center, which you can still find at the bottom of the Fiverr homepage), you could scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can find the “Contact Us” button (to contact CS) located just above the footer section of the page.

An easier way of contacting CS would be by clicking on this :arrow_down: link :slight_smile:


No vickie, it isn’t any more but let me give you a hand :wink:

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Thank you so much everyone. I had tried contacting customer service earlier today, but none of the options would allow me to submit a ticket as they don’t really have an option that pertains to this situation. It kept asking me for an order #. I finally got one submitted through the link provided. Thanks so much for your help!

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Hi @russellpower,

If you ever need it, this is also CS’s email

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Well, that goes to show you how long it has been since I contacted CS! :wink:


I think you should find another seller who answers you. You don’t need to try to work with someone who doesn’t answer you, no matter what the reason is.


So I contacted customer service to let them know of the issue, and wanted to let you know how it panned out if any of you are sellers.

I was told to wait 24 hours longer. Keep in mind his average response time is 9 hours, and I waited 9 days before contacting customer service. I replied to them stating just that, and that he had previously told me in messages that he was not receiving notification of my messages. To which I got another response telling me to wait 24 more hours, and if I heard nothing they would assist me further.

So…I created another account, and messaged him again letting him know I had been trying to get a hold of him. His response…

"Oh hi!

I was wondering where you were. Thank you so much for keeping in touch. I am unable to see messages past a certain point. When I scroll it either times out or does not load anything past one or two lines. This has been happening to a lot of us who have received the newest update to the messaging system. I very deeply apologize.

Thanks for getting in touch, I really appreciate it and I do apologize for the inconvenience again. Have a nice day!"

I understand where you are coming from, but we have communicated several times, and he got my vision immediately, and I love his work. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. :slight_smile:

This is against ToS. :wink: It might be a good idea to delete one of your accounts before both of your accounts get banned. :scream:


So what are we supposed to do when we can’t contact someone we are working with and customer service is of no help?

Are you religious? :pray:

@misscrystal Haha.

It removed all of the previous messages we had sent one another. I’m not ordering from the other account. I just had to get in touch with him, and sending messages in the first account wasn’t working.

I do not have the answer. :thinking:

However, I value my current account too much to put it in danger by creating another one. :wink:

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That poor seller must be losing sales due to this.

I totally understand, and I don’t intend on using that one. I just had to think outside the box. :slight_smile:

Right! That’s why I let you all know the outcome of the situation as well. I have seen several posts in the category for reporting bugs that sellers are having problems with this due to an update.

It’s not about using it or not. It’s about having more than 1 account. Please delete the second account as vickie adviced you or you’ll get banned by Fiverr.

Regarding the messages: Were you messaging from your phone or did it also happen contacting your seller through your computer?

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It only happened through the computer.