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I need help customer cancelling after doing most of the work

Hello I’ve started a gig for someone and I also have two other people working on this after doing most of the work the customer send a dispute saying “I don’t have the motivation there looking” wth does that even mean why order something make someone and 2 other people do most of the work what should I do ? It’s my first gig why choose me, HES saying he found someone cheaper to do the job is that my fault please help !!!


Refuse the cancelation, contact support and report him.


I agree with @visualstudios. Decline the buyer’s cancellation request. He is not entitled to hire someone, and then cancel a work in progress merely because he chose the cheaper work of another seller. He hired you. That’s a contract. There is no reason to let him bully you, or take advantage of you.


Refuse the cancellation and immediately contact CS. This is very disappointing. How can someone just cancel the order only bcz he found someone with cheap rates.

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I hate myself for being investigator, but if you look carefully he has one 5 star review as buyer from level two seller. The only gig that seller has is dropshiping store so there is not much room there to “maybe he bought something else” and now he is selling as new seller a dropshipping store.

Now all of this is perfectly fine, maybe, but the description in the GIG stands out:

“I’ll help you build a store that will make you 1000$ a week with 1 product”

If someone has a way of making 1000$ a week with 1 product, and even guaranties that, makes you wonder why is he selling on Fiverr, and for 250$.

So on this order he has problem with he is completely right to complain, but overall something is not right.


Omg… I took what he said at face value, but after checking that profile, he’s straight up scamming.

1k a week guaranteed? Build me 10 of those, please.


Quality delivery/doing may help you to reduce the cancellation rate.

I am not scamming no one I’ve built good Shopify stores I told him specifically with good data and Facebook ads you can make a thousand a week and yes you can I’m not including the costs but you can make a thousand a week and I even told the buyer that I bought something off someone and saw the results they were deliverying so I said I can do this way better for more money…

“You can” is completely different than “GUARANTEED”. You are guaranteeing it.

Do you know what guarantee means? It means if I buy your gig, I’ll have a shop making me 1000 a week.

You’re not including the costs? Do I need to spend 10 thousand on ads to make 1k? If so, what you’re doing is false advertising, plain and simple. That’s a shop that makes me negative 9 thousand a week.

You’re not saying “I’ll set you up a store, and then you’ll need to spend a ton of money on ads, and hours of market study and A/B testing and ad tweaking, and then maybe it will make money if the products are right, and the ads are right, and the market is right”.

What you’re offering is, and this is copied and pasted, " 1K A WEEK STORE GUARANTEED"

Are you telling me if I buy your gig and my shop doesn’t make 1000 a week you’ll refund me? Is that what you’re saying? Because if that is what you’re saying, I’m ready to place 10 orders with you RIGHT NOW! What an opportunity for you!


I’ve told the customer obv he’s not gonna spend 9k to make 1K. Why order then ! There is people out there with 400 reviews why waste my time

Not the point, I’m not talking about this customer, I’m talking about your gig.

Let’s do the following - build me one for free, once it’s making 1k a week, I’ll pay you 500 every week. You’ll make 2k a month from my shop! Much better than those measly 250 you’re charging, and you’ll be paid every month without having to do anything.

If you’re so confident you can make a shop that earns that much consistently, you HAVE to say yes. Why wouldn’t you? It’s an amazing deal for you!
So, let’s start?

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There’s people All over fiverr
Guaranteeing things atleast im going to deliver with the right tactics

We have two options. Let him be or search for all the “guarantee” Shopify sellers and report them.
I trust your judgment and TOS rules, will do what you suggest.

And they all should be banned, because they are misleading people. Those are lies. Straight and simple.

Otherwise, why didn’t you answer my proposal?

I make videos. If I was promising a video I make could make you 1k a week, and a client told me to make it for free with a guarantee they would split the revenue with me, I would say yes immediately - it’s a great deal for me!

So what do you say? Set me up a store for free. I’ll give half of it’s earnings. Yes or no? And why?

(We both know you’re gonna say no, because we both know your “guarantee” is BS. Simple).


I mean, I would rather have a 1k a week store. If he delivers what he promises, no need to report!

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Not my kind of job. I quit my “14 years of” job so I can work on projects that I do once, finish, put on market and they make me money every month for the rest of time and I do not have to do anything ever again. Managing web page is too much work.

Managing webpages? What? He sets the store up, it makes 1k a week. I won’t be managing anything, I’ll just outsource that on Fiverr or something lol

It’s passive income!

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I have enough stores to manage then to manage a product store I have proof !

Stop trying to get away from my direct question. I don’t care about proof. That is all fake for all I know.

My question is simple. If you can make a store like that, that makes 1k a week, I’ll pay you way more than you are asking for. But I need to see results first.

if the results are guaranteed, as you say, why would you say no to that?

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