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I need Help for a order!

I need help.
I am a web developer.

I got an order from a buyer just for $10 then I will complete the project. When I complete the order and delivery then she was not complete the order and go to REVISION. And she want from me more work and more. And I did ( that is not in our deal). And again delivery.

But she again goes to REVISION and wants more work. I did.

But she again goes to REVISION and wants more work and she wants to another website problem fix from me.
I don’t want to cancel the order.

Now, what should I do for this problem?

Anyone face like this problem and if you solve that problem then please help me and let me know that way.
Please help me with your own experience.


Be patient if you complete the order with all the revisions may be this client again buy your gig.


Thanks for your replay.
But he don’t want to buy any service for me. She told me that I am not work for $10. When I am complete her all work then she complete that order.

I am more and more work for $10.

She still want more work from me for $10 :frowning:

Your order is closed

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No, She still keep me in REVISION. This is for more than 1 month.

Then I suggest you just cancel the order because at the end order is canceled by the buyer and your hard work is just wastage of tie nothing else its just a $10 not $100

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10$ is not problem. Big problem is Order Completion Rate( Now 75%). If I cancel the order then Order Completion Rate more down.

I feel sad to here it form you, But to be very honest if you like to complete the order with review you need to take it positive. It is true some buyer want more works (that was not in the deal). There are no options either you can request the buyer to add a additional amount, or if the buyer is not agree to add extra then you need to complete the order to make your profile best. Or cancel the order and it will increase your cancellation rate also.

So Complete the order, do your best job and You will become successful in fiverr.

Thank you very much


@wordpress_chief, I’m sorry to say you alone got yourself in this trouble.

I went to check your gigs and in all of them you offer unlimited revisions and satisfaction guarantee. Now there’s no other way for you, but to honour your word!

I would really like to know why you people don’t want to listen to advice. :roll_eyes:

It has been advised thousands of times, almost in a daily basis, to not offer unlimited revisions and/or satisfaction guarantee.


Please understand that I have no problem with revisions. He wants to more work for me. Before order, we discuss about her project and go to a deal. So, I am complete the work. Now she wants for another work on another website for the same order $10.

If you like to complete the order then you must need to satisfied your buyer or you can cancel the order but it’s effect your order completion rate. There are no other option’s you can do.

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I’m new user here.Very sad to hear your story. I never thought something like this can be happen here . Can some one please explain, Is it something with the “Unlimited Revisions and 100% satisfaction”. I also offering unlimited revisions.

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Cancel the order and notify your buyer that they do not have rights to use the work you have produced.

Your buyer is never going stop asking for revisions and will eventually cancel anyway. You are basically dealing with a scammer.


Thank you so much for more valuable replay.

Thank you so much, I think that you are 100% right.
Again thank you.

Oh sad:( then please try to complete the order

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Hello all,
I am new to Fiverr. Just starting my freelancing career on Fiverr. I am a content writer. This is a detailed post, Helping me to think about the unlimited revision I offered.

Now I changed Revisions to limited to a few numbers. Thanks for all replies.

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In that case you can contact with fiverr support .Send them a screen shot of your deal/message .They will help you out from it.

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