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I need help for get order

Hi all
I professional Digital Marketer. I had Created my gig with proper way but did not get any order yet. I am also sending buyer request daily but still can’t get order. is there any techniques or tips for getting order . or if there is some thing missing in my gigs . What should I do now??
Is there any tips for me to make that green??
Thank you


Hello brother! how are you doing? You can read this : How to Increase your Sales ? (Tips for New Sellers) . wish you all the best


Thank you for your Great Suggestion.

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Welcome to Fiverr, you can promote your gigs on Facebook and other social media sites. Until you get some completed order and reviews you can create some nice looking & informative gig cover images and make sure your gig services are well versed with no grammatical/spelling errors. Everyone’s gigs start out slow, remember you are competing with people worldwide. Good luck going forward.

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You are most welcome brother. Have a nice journey to this marketplace :heart:

Thank you Brother for Great suggestion.