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I need help for get order

Hi all
I professional Digital Marketer. I had Created my gig with proper way but did not get any order yet. I am also sending buyer request daily but still can’t get order. is there any techniques or tips for getting order . or if there is some thing missing in my gigs . What should I do now??
Is there any tips for me to make that green??
Thank you


Hello brother! how are you doing? You can read this : How to Increase your Sales ? (Tips for New Sellers) . wish you all the best


Thank you for your Great Suggestion.

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Welcome to Fiverr, you can promote your gigs on Facebook and other social media sites. Until you get some completed order and reviews you can create some nice looking & informative gig cover images and make sure your gig services are well versed with no grammatical/spelling errors. Everyone’s gigs start out slow, remember you are competing with people worldwide. Good luck going forward.

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You are most welcome brother. Have a nice journey to this marketplace :heart:

Thank you Brother for Great suggestion.

help for getting Order

1st, Share your gigs more and more on social.
2nd, Optimize your gig and make the preview images professional and eye-catching.
3rd, Regularly post buyer request.

GIG image sample:

wish you all the best

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