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I need help for lead generations

I have lot of client on lead generation work. But for the work I need tool information.
Thank you.


I also want to know about this.

Not quite sure what you’re asking.

Are you wanting to find out which software/tools you need to find leads for your clients, or are you trying to generate clients for your gigs?

Your profile says you have 4 years experience in lead generation, why are you asking others - you are the expert!


Not at all about lead generation expert but lead generation my learning process and that’s why I include this.
Thank you.

Yes, Offlinehelper. I want to find out leads.
Actuall I know some tools but those are not paid. That’s why I can’t find accurate lead. And another thing is I have no enough $. I am new that’s why yet I have no any payment card.
Thank you.

It sounds like you are asking for help to illegally acquire software that you cannot afford. You may not use this forum for that. Save up your money slowly and buy your software.


Unapproved use of forum.