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I need help for this


Hi, There in I got the message from this user but I can’t reply what can I do please anyone can tell me if possible! see screenshot!

Thank you


I got the same message earlier today… I think its a spam account sending out these messages so Fiverr moved the message to spam, making it unable to be responded to. I think if you click the link “unspam request” it will take it out of that category but in this case I wouldn’t recommend it seeing that this account has been sending the same messages to a large amount of people.


Do not reply. It is against the Fiverr TOS to exchange the personal contact information nd that user ahs just done that. Don’t worry. The CS will take care of it.


Hi, dear, deluxewriting" thank you for confirmation!

one more question I need to send CS team this or not


This buyer has given me a knock and now his ID is blocked


No need for that. The message in the screenshot has already been sent to the CS. They will surely look into this asap.


Hey, i always click unspam request link and reply something like this " I am not interested work with you cause you are a spammer. so i apologizes" then again report his message to customer support.
N.T : when I got spam message and if don’t reply then response rate decrease automatically, that’s why i click unspam request link.


Oh, right now I’m confusing!


But Why bro? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Well, this has never happened to me. Although my “Response Rate” counter is broken, like the most of us, it sometimes does reach the 100%mark, even with the unanswered spam messages.


You can try what @wpspecialist24 suggested. There is no harm in it.


Hi, there right now I can’t see (unspam) see the screenshot!


That user’s account has been disabled by the Fiverr CS. Told you.


yes i agree with you :slight_smile:


You can report the issue to fiverr immediately


I do the same as you to detain my superb 100% response rate although by reporting that message you can detain your 100% rating. Reporting a spam message will be considered as your response. So, don’t need to reply them but report.


Ok thanks for your advice


Typically when messages like that come through (I’ve gotten two of them in the last few days), I unspam it and reply that contacting users outside of the Fiverr platform is against the terms and conditions of the site, mostly do I don’t take a hit on my response rate.


Careful with that, I’ve recently heard recent stories on the forum where using wording like “outside”, “outside contact”, “outside Fiverr”, “outside of Fiverr” would make Fiverr flag you instead, and even put your account under review - it’s just an automated thing, it’s not Fiverr going all personal against you :wink: Maybe rephrasing would avoid that, although I believe avoiding doing any of that altogether is better if the user has already been reported (I ignore these, and it had no impact on my response rate so far)


@Woofy31 I have seen a hit in my response rate in the past for messages that were flagged as spam before I had gotten to them, which is why I do it. I’ve seen in other threads some folks saying that CS would take care of that in that scenario, so maybe that’s a better way to go instead of responding at all to the spam messages.

I will say that the other day when I responded it did say that the message was under review before it would be sent to the “buyer,” so perhaps you’re right. My response rate is currently at 100% so I can afford to let CS handle these from here on out. Thanks!