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I need help for treating client. I dnt know how to tackle her

I have an client. I took task for write up. I made in Ms word. After delivering an order, she said me to do corrections. I did all, I gave her in first revision. Then she said, she wanted in created form. Deadline was in 20 July. Yesterday, I provided all data in google form and she liked it very much. But now she wanted me to give her complete access of that form.I just want her to complete an order and give all access.I am newer in fiverr. Please help me


Hi, Don’t worries. You have to build a strong trust level in fiverr, yes we know there have some fraud but that is very very rare. So, If you think the client is happy with your job, feel free to give her extra bonus service as she want. maybe you will get a long term business with her.


I see you offer an essay writing and assignment gig.

Helping to prepare academic work is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Suggest you delete this gig as it is likely to be removed at any time.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as you are risking your account.


No. I am not offering such offers. I made that gig in starting but that account was disabled.

If your account was disabled you need to get permission from Customer support to open a new account.

Your gig URL and title says articles and essays and your gig images on 2 gigs say Academic Writing and Assignment.

Will leave this with you.


Can you show me? I am afraid if this will happen again with me


Are you sure? there is problem with my gigs?

Unethical Services

Fiverr’s marketplace is open for sellers to offer any creative and productive service they wish to propose. With that being said, we ask to refrain from offering any unethical service. For example, taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or requesting academic work to be done for you, is unethical since it violates most schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement. Fiverr does not allow this type of fraudulent activities and it will not be permitted on our platform.

The above is from the Community Standards.

If you type “essay gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


Articles or essay is for websites contents not for academic work.

Your gig title even mentions the word essay…

NOTE: I’ve come back to edit this post. I think the problem is that most people associate the word ‘essay’ with academic writing, although this isn’t actually the dictionary definition of the word. Technically an essay can be a piece of writing for any reason and might have nothing to do with academia.

However, the assumption by most people is that you are offering academic services.


Thanks. I changed it.

Thanks for your help.

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You see, the problem is not the people. It’s Fiverr. Fiverr’s the one not making distinction on the meaning, and they remove all gigs offering to write essays.


You’re right. I agree with banning academic writing - as that’s cheating.

But it’s wrong to ban something based on inaccurate ‘facts’. Essay writing does not automatically mean academic writing.


Sellers have to deliver a complete product. They’re not allowed to withhold parts of a delivery until the order has been marked as complete or feedback has been left.

If your buyer is entitled to ownership of the form, then you need to give it to them now. If you don’t, they could leave a negative review or contact CS, as you’re not really playing by the rules of the site.

If they’re not entitled to ownership, try to explain that to them.

I think the blanket ban makes it easier for Fiverr to enforce the rule. I mean, it’d be easy for somebody to claim they were writing for non-academic purposes. It wouldn’t be easy for Fiverr to prove they were guilty.


Absolutely, I get this. But a non-native speaker using the dictionary definition of ‘essay’ will understand the word to be a synonym of ‘article’.

There are some sellers who are blatantly advertising academic services when they use the word essay, but I have to say that in my opinion @hibasaeed734 was rightly using the word in its literal sense.


It’s my understanding that the form wasn’t in the scope of the order so submitting without it doesn’t make the order incomplete.

@hibasaeed734 She can’t access it because you’re using Google hosting and sending her the link.

Just export the file to a spreadsheet and send it to her as an attachment.

You shouldn’t have made a new account without permission. Read the rules before doing something.

Also, while I totally agree that Fiverr needs an objective way to prevent sellers from doing academic work, their policies don’t say essays aren’t allowed. If they aren’t, Fiverr ought to say this. Any legitimate magazine or newspaper has essays so it’s not unreasonable for people to think it’s okay.

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