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I need help from you guys regarding my orders cancellation after their funds were cleared

Hey guys,
It was doing good till last friday when I received two notifications one after another of my already completed orders (on 11 September and 1st October) cancelation, the buyer was happy and she had given me 5-star rating on both of those orders, this is really dishearting.
I couldn’t figure out the problem. I would really appreciate your support.
I have contacted customer support and messaged the buyer. I am not worried about the funds that were reversed but my gig ranking. I hope you understand the situation. Your advice is needed.

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It could be Paypal reversal in that case Fiverr can’t do anything but to give a refund and if it’s for that case fiverr will compensate the funds to your end and it will not affect for your gig ranking or statistics because getting refund from third party money handler such as Paypal is violation of rules.

If it’s not the case you cleary did something wrong or clearly something was wrong on your end since I don’t know the full story can’t be sure about what happened.

both projects were completed on time and the buyer was happy with it additionally buyer marked them completed and gave highest possible rating,
i also contacted buyer and told about this, she was unaware of it and told me she has contacted CS,
its been 5 days there is no response from CS yet.