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I need help guys!

hello everyone!
i am level one seller and Delivered on tume is 86% and after 15 september my level will down!
what should i do
is there any way to make it 90% before 15 sep…i am not getting orders
one order increases it to 1%?
is there any way?

When you have more orders, that you deliver on time, your on-time rating will rise. The only way to make this work before September 15, is to have multiple orders that you complete – on time – before September 15.


I don’t want to sound harsh, but a lot people ask this question.

The only way to have a positive effect on that stat is to actually deliver on time.

By delivering late you not only let yourself down - but also the entire marketplace - Fiverr needs to be knows as the home of reliable freelancers. I don’t see why everybody’s reputation needs to suffer becuase you’re either unreliable, unrealistic with your delivery time or work load is too high.

If delivery time is an issue to you, extend it.