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I need help_How to start


Is there a page where I can find requests and put a bid or an offer? I don’t know how to start? I am freelance translator and sub-titlist (English-Arabic) and hope to earn a little money by providing this service.

Thanks in advance.

Reply to @helloworld911: It took me quite a while to figure that out, I saw the option to request a gig, but couldn’t find how to find requests for help. Just to let you know, you can also find requests for help by typing a keyword into the search box and scrolling down to the “Recently Requested” section.

For keywords such as “Cisco” you’ll find it quite quickly, but for searching something very broad such as “Help”, you’ll be scrolling through gigs for days.

This is helpful if you would like to search for gigs that don’t match your current gig.

Reply to @webtelly:

Thank you so much!

I appreciate your help.

have a nice day and enjoy your vacation!

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