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I need help! I have an order then the buyer send me a message telling my Im try to Stealing her and she didn't buy the gig!

Before 12 hours I get an order That tell me to do two gifs as normal and I started work on them
before two hours I get a message from the buyer said

( I did not order anything with you, why are you trying to charge my credit card. You have been reported to Fraud department at my cc. I didn’t even log on today until I saw this fraud charge…

You will be reported to FIVERR for using this site illegally.)

Im a level two seller and I cant do anything irregular on Fiverr,
What can I do in this situation!

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Probably best to contact CS about the accusation or maybe report the messages but I think contacting CS through a support ticket would be best.

I expect the order will get cancelled. Also I wouldn’t deliver it since the buyer is claiming they didn’t order it.

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But that will affect my profile rating!
its not my mistake!

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Ask CS if it can be cancelled without affecting your stats/the evaluation.
But CS or the trust and safety team need to check into it and check what’s happened with the order, any messages relating to it and probably check the buyer’s account if necessary.

Also I assume you haven’t delivered anything to the buyer yet, either in a message or an order. It might be they are just trying to get the work for free and maybe trying to do a chargeback (if so it could get their account in trouble).


Or it could be that someone logged into their account (a kid, perhaps?) and placed the order without their knowledge.