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I Need help if someone tell me can i say the buyer for review

I did 9 jobs on fiverr in last month the 4 buyer’s gave me good review but others didn’t give me bad or good review but why?


It’s just one of those things. :slight_smile: Some buyers don’t understand how Fiverr works. Some aren’t invested enough in the platform to bother with reviews. Some don’t want people to know they bought products on Fiverr. Some didn’t like the order but didn’t want to harm the seller by leaving a review. Some are so rushed they just forgot about reviewing.

Unfortunately, we can’t ask for reviews. We can’t even nudge a buyer in that direction.


First Congress for your job and last you should say them to give you good review that help you …

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Sorry about that.
Not all buyers would leave a review.

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Thank you for telling me sir

You should not ask for review. It’s against the fiverr tos

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Describing sir, mate, bro … not looking like compatible the client will put away off.

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