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I need help, I'm new and I don't understand

When I downloaded Fiverr in my phone, I saw a writing that said: “Requirements to get to the first level” and among these there was: “Do 60 days without receiving any orders”. Does that mean I have to wait 60 days before I can sell anything, or I can sell right now? Because he tells me that if I don’t wait 60 days, I won’t be able to go up to “Seller Level”, but I need to start selling now.

Please help me!
P.S. I’m very sorry if my english is bad (T-T)


To get to level 1 the level help says (as one of the requirements), “Complete at least 60 days as an active Seller on Fiverr”.

You can start selling right away (as soon as you have active gigs) but you can’t advance to level 1 until you’ve been a seller (had active gigs) for 60 days, as well as fulfilled the other level 1 requirements.

Sooo, I can start selling now but i need to have gigs actives for two months for to be lvl 1? (obv i need also other things…) Sorry if I’m very dumb!!!

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It says “…as an active seller” but it might just be 60 days from when you first became a seller. As long as you log in occasionally (eg. once a month) it will probably count it as active. Though you’ll have to deliver 10 orders too to become level 1 etc.

So if you’ve delivered 10 orders and earned $400 60 days from when you became a seller, and your completion rate, on time etc. are okay you should get the level 1 badge.

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See it as a game.
Like a role playing game. You go around and craft something, lets call it GIGs.
Then sooner or later someone knocks on your GIG-door and give you a task. If you done it well then you get a reward. Lets call it EXP (experience).
At some point you will reach the next Level. Level1, Level 2 … ect.
That’s it!
The 60 days, 10 orders ect are just some conditions for the next level up.

It’s a game and it sould be fun :smile:

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