I need help in buyer request section


I posted some offers for buyers in the buyer request section and they haven’t replied. So do those offers automatically disappear or do I manually delete them??? If so, how???


Don’t worry!

This may be due to,

  1. They have already selected a seller for their project.
  2. They have abandoned their project.
  3. Not interested in your quote.
    Please read following topic.
    Top tips to use Buyer request page.


Thank you for your reply but it still doesn’t answer the question, will the offers I made always be visible in the offers section, like a memento of failed offers??? Or do they disappear after a certain time???


No. When you reply to a BR, Buyer able to see them. ( I’m both seller and buyer here.) It doesn’t disappear after certain time. You get 10 offers a day.


You don’t need to delete them.


ok. Thank you everybody.