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I need help in fiverr new account


I am getting an issue I created a new account when I click on become seller, I move on a page where I put my first name last name picture description after that when I move on personal info page I am not getting availability option where I can mention I want to work as a full time or part time and also I am not getting option monthly income please see image


You are showing as a seller and have 1 active gig.


I think the OP’s referring to a page which users see when they go to create their first gig. It asks if you want to be full or part time, and what your earnings target would be. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah I see… That makes more sense. :smiley:


Yes I but it not showing


yes but that options are not showing on my account


It doesn’t matter really - it’s only for Fiverr’s internal use, nothing else.

It disappears when you put up your first gig which is why you can’t see it any more.


But sir my account is showing as buyer account


Click the green text that says ‘Switch to selling’ - top right-hand corner beside your avatar.


I clicked on that green button but it is not working please help


Not working at all?

Where does it take you if you click on it? If it shows you a dashboard with ‘Learn more, earn more’ etc. then it’s working and your navigation bar should be on the top left of the screen.

It must have worked at some point if you’ve been able to put a gig up.

Try another browser perhaps?


I put a gig on fiverr but account still show me as a buyer


So what happens if you click the green link that says ‘switch to selling’ - anything, nothing?

Which page does it go to please?


Actually sir when I click on become a seller I move on a page for create seller account when put personal information I am not getting availibility options there as show in picture no option for monthly income etc.


Because it doesn’t matter! :slightly_smiling_face:

The only way you’ll see it again is if you delete your gig(s) and then click ‘become a seller’ again.

It’s only like a questionnaire, not a guarantee of income etc.

Please don’t call everybody sir BTW. :woman:


No need to worry about monthly income etc. as @merciavideo advised.

How many hours you work on Fiverr and how much you earn is up to you.

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

Get Started! :slightly_smiling_face: