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I need help in my fiverr gig


Hello everyone,

Please check my gig and tell me what wrong with this why i did not get any order and i didn’t get buyer request.

Best regard.


hello @zeesign, here same problem with me… i didn’t get buyer request.


so what you can do?
mean you can get any answer over here?


First observe your related gigs on fiverr that what they are giving services in their gigs then try to make new things that they are not giving something make new gig also search groups on social media related your service and share gig there hope you will get order soon and if you are new seller then you will get less amount of buyer request


You should change your gig images in the first place!
… and don’t use a picture of a cute girl as profile picture! I found that on Google.


Same here. I also did not get order after a long time.