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I need help! My completed orders are suddenly CANCELLED

Here is the the updates after below serious incident happened. (original message is quoted below)

  1. I filed more then 7 tickets to Fiverr and requested explanation. But Fiverr just ignored all my tickets. I personal sit in front of PC, I saw my ticket status changed from OPEN --> assigned to xxx --> SOLVED (without any reply or message) --> ticket disappear

  2. I file the issue to BBB, and finally got the reply from Fiverr. Meantime, I received following email from Fiverr as the response to one of my ticket.


_The transactions referred to were canceled due to alerts from our security department. Alerts can result from a chargeback of the payment by the buyer, an alert from our payment vendor, or an alert from other users within our network of suspicious buyer activity. In such cases, we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold for your own protection (for example, a stolen credit card or other fraud activities). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users. _

Please keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and we have no access to the funds. Our Trust & Safety Team is currently reviewing the buyer’s account. Due to our Privacy Policy, we cannot disclose any actions that will be taken by our Trust & Safety Team regarding the buyer’s account.

_We appreciate your understanding. Your account has been restored. _

Kind regards,

  1. There is no details in the email. Here by I sent another email to request the explanation. 35 hours passed, no reply from Fiverr.

  2. I reported the case in Police. Police officer told me this call " INFO on SCAM". And clearly mentioned Fiverr shall response on this issue.

==========original message =======
Two days ago, a buyer (*******) sent me order to purchase a game gift card from Taobao. I took the order and did purchasing and delivery. Everything goes smoothly. Buyer placed order -> Seller deliver the order -> Buyer marked COMPLETED and 5 star -> I saw the amount ran to my revenue. There were 11 repeated orders. Total Value is USD 1650.
However, out of sudden, Fiverr sent me emails and cancelled all my orders.
To complete those orders, I did spent around 1500 USD, Now ALL THE MONEY GONE.
Fiverr restricted my account without explanation.

I don’t know where is wrong. I checked Fiverr T&C. There is no mention cannot purchase on behalf of others,

I filed ticket to custom support, no reply yet.

$1500 is not a small amount. Anyone can help???

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I’m afraid we can’t help you with this. Wait for the response from customer service.
In the future don’t buy stuff for others. This is how a lot of scams work.

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I think you might have been used by this buyer to purchase gift cards, then the buyer did a Paypal chargeback, or possibly used a stolen credit card to buy the fiverr orders.

This should be a warning to all sellers to never purchase gift cards for anyone.

Now the buyer has all 11 gift cards which cost him/her nothing.


Did you actually set up a gig to offer that service?
Risky in so many ways

I have a gig, but the orders are custom offers

I’m so sorry this happened to you. Fiverr does not know who did this and they also don’t know if you are the one who also purchased these gigs from yourself with another account. That’s why they cancelled your account.

you buy and deliver for people?

I’m sorry but I really can’t believe people fall for these scams.

This kind of request from a buyer isn’t a red flag. It’s an exploding submarine launching several nuclear warheads into the sunset, behind which the four horsemen of the apocalypse are galloping with a big banner saying “WE ARE UP TO NO GOOD AT ALL.”

It makes me wonder how many people who ask me to buy them Bitcoin actually get results in the end.


Why fiverr not explain or give warning before they cancel completed order? And now I an restricted by Fiverr. Since all the members have phone verification, can Fiverr help to tract the money back?

I don’t have answers to those questions.

if scam,how can I file police report?

I’d start by visiting a police station.

yes. I trusted Fiverr and believe when Fiverr say the order requested means seller paid to fiverr. When Fiverr say order completed, means revenue transferred to me. Just wait for clearance…

Your account seems to be gone as well?!

I was scammed in a similar way recently when someone used my Visa card number to buy several gift cards at Walmart. I was alerted by Visa to it and they did not make me pay for them.

I know who did it too. Someone at a restaurant was looking at my credit card a long time and had it hidden from sight while she did it behind a box on the counter. I noticed it at the time and thought “is this person writing down my credit card number?”

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Fiverr restricted me without explanation.

its best to speak to them directly. We won’t have any answers for you.
Sorry It happened to you

You are lucky ! i could not sleep since it happened yesterday.

usually how soon you will receive the custom support’s reply?

I am so sorry this happened to you. It is a stressful thing to have happen. :grimacing:


Once Again

You made me smile. I love your verbal skills. :wink: