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I neEd help.. (my conversion rate is under 2%)

I have a pretty unique gig and i offer express…however my conversion rate is under 2%

I think you’ll find that the conversion number will vary greatly over time. You are competing against hundreds of thousands of other sellers on Fiverr as well as on the internet and, like any business, there are ups and downs. Why worry now, when you only have a couple weeks of stats?

By the way, aren’t those movie images you use copyrighted? My experience with licensing makes me think the ones you’re using must be very expensive.

don’t you forum for self-promotion

Reply to @mrbilalmemon: Good point, but I figured he was making it easier for other forum members to look at the gig he was having an issue with, so we could point out any obvious problems that might affect its conversion rate. (You can report any posts to the sheriffs if you feel it’s breaking the rules of the forum, by clicking the “Flag” link next to the poster’s nickname).

Your gig borders on copyright infringement. You’re using major studios graphics and music. All you do is replace the text.

Reply to @jtengle: Yeah, I mentioned it to @moviedesigns, too, but he hasn’t responded to anything we’ve written since his OP.

Reply to @celticmoon: you’re right, I missed that part of your comment. I’m betting he’d owe the studios a lot more than $5 for each video produced.

Reply to @jtengle: This is the question I have since I first joined fiverr. Could we do anything with gig like these? Report them, perhaps? It irritates me seeing those scam and can’t do anything.

Reply to @miacmht: You can report them, but I believe it involves opening a support ticket. I never bother. People who do this usually end up self-destructing. Case in point, he’s on the forum complaining about not getting any sales.

@jtengle You said it! :wink: