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I need Help My gig doesn't show in search


I need help from the community. My gig does not appear in search or 1st, 2nd or 3rd page. I promote with social media but its doesn’t working. So please help me.


Your gig will come on the top based on the sales it produces not the visits.

Try focusing on Buyer Requests at the moment. My gig always comes on the 1st page as soon as I complete 10-15 orders in 6-7 days.

Hope it helps


Everybody wants their gig ranked, but is it possible? 20,000 gigs on the first page. What do you think?

The strategies always change, with time. Do some research, and check point to point what top gigs have in common. Come up with those.

But don’t be a copy cat.


Thanks for the advice

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I think the tags and the text in the description helps too if you think changing that too something more likely to be searched.


Ok thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


Did you try checking it after logging out? Try to clear history and then search the keyword

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Yes but don’t appear my computer now :slight_smile: