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I need help. No order after more than one year


Hi everyone. I have been more than a year in Fiverr but I got no orders. I have some views, but no order. I have been waiting for so long for order. Can you guys take a look at my gigs : If you guys noticed something wrong or something that can be fixed, please tell me.


Suggest you remove your email address from your gig image as sharing contact details outside of Fiverr is against the Terms of Service. If you go to the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find the Terms of Service which are well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.


One year is a long time, have tried something else, other than freelancing… Not everybody is a freelancer… Maybe, you are made for something else…


This might sound crazy but it’s the truth.

You prices are too cheap.

Raise them 10x even.


Because when I see someone charging $5 for 4 hours of work I don’t see value, I see inexperience and target market ignorance.

Most of the buyers on Fiverr are Americans. 5 dollars an hour is half of minimum per hour wage in most states, if not all 50.

So when I, as an American, your target market audience, sees 4 hours for 5 dollars I know that’s a bad investment.

Data Entry is important to most. I know it is important to me. Price as if it’s important to you.


One of the key points is that you need to visit Fiverr website on a regular basis. If you probably visit the site once in a while, that seems you are not a serious seller. It happened to me the same way when I stopped visiting my profile or stop bidding for work for almost 1 year. But one day I took it as a challenge and start visiting the website on a 3 hours intervals. Believe me, within 48 days I started getting offers and built a nice portfolio got two regular buyers by writing “TRAVEL ARTICLES” in bulk for them. Within a few weeks, I have elevated to LEVEL ONE SELLER. So I keep going till I got LEVEL TWO recently. You can try that too.


Thank you for mentioning that. I will remove my contact detail immediately.


I will try that. Thanks.


Optimize your gig Perfectly.
do marketing of your gig…


Take out time to read Fiverr terms ad conditions make sure your account follows all the terms. Look out for some high in demand sellers in your niche, tweak your gig settings to look similar to them. Use right keywords for targeting when setting up your gigs. A price reduction lower than your competitors can attract more buyers. Lastly you can promote your gigs on social media like twitter,facebook and instagram


This is the result of creating a gig and waiting for orders to flow in without even trying to market the gig.


your comments is 100% right and truth. i think mnur90 should be follow your advice. i am learning from that


Marketing your gig in Social Media, send regular Buyer Request, improve your skill


I think a lot has been said already, I saw this article somewhere, I think it might be of help too.


Thanks to everyone who replied here. I will take your comment seriously to help me to improve my gig.


You’re welcome mnur. And when you see the bums with 10 $5 dollar sales and you have only one or two, you’ll realize the value.Because it’s much better to do one $50 dollar sale then 10 five dollar sales.
On Fiverr I have one sale. One premium sale. That’s it but look at the gig some time, the one that sold. Then you’ll see why one sale doesn’t bother me.


Lot of answer in the topic, it is very helpful others, thanks to all.


That sounds as a cool trick. Tell me, when you say 3 hour intervals, does it mean you come online for about 5 minutes in 3 hour intervals or do you come online and wait here for 3 hours?


Thank you for you valuable opinion.


I make sure I stay on online or my computer for at least 3-6 hours daily.


Thanks for sharing your knowlege