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I need help on how to work with this person

I’ve got problems with my first message asking for an order a few days ago, and they haven’t been very easy to work with and I’d like help with how to work with them. Here’s basically what happened so far (sorry if the story is hard to understand):

-They message me asking do censor the faces of people in a 50min video
-I give them a custom offer to do it for $20, 3 day delivery
-They ask if they can pay extra for faster delivery
-I offer $25 for 2 day delivery
-They see the message* and don’t reply
-I clarify that it’s $25 in total, not just faster delivery (in case they didn’t read the custom offer)
-A day passes before and they see it* and don’t reply

*I assume they see it from the last time Fiverr says they were online

EDIT: they might have just found someone else, idk

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Sorry to say but they’ve probably found someone else to do it :frowning: Don’t continue messaging them as you may get flagged. If they still need you, they’ll let you know.


Just one thing: when they want “fast delivery” it usually means 1 day delivery, not 2. Maybe that was the problem; they were in a hurry and went to someone else.


Potential buyers will often message several sellers with the same request.

Normally the seller with the cheapest quote / fastest turnaround time wins, or sometimes the buyer just accepts the first response received.

Most sellers know they need to respond quickly in order to secure the order. So maybe you were just too slow, or the seller found someone who could do the job quicker or cheaper.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Buyers want a job done, they find someone to work with and then tend to ignore other’s who’ve responded. It’s rude but it’s the way of the world.


I am sorry but a 50-minute video for 20$ ??? Is that even HUMANE? It is just downgrading and I do not care where you are from or how desperate you are, no one should be THAT DESPERATE, and the fact that they found someone else meaning there is someone out there doing it faster for less is just mind-boggling.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was some kind of agreement between all sellers on Fiverr to not sell anything for 5 or 10 bucks? Everyone would win… but I’ve read here on the forum people complaining about high prices and that the whole original concept of the platform was to sell stuff for $5 (hence the name, I know…), blablabla…

Sorry for venting lol

No, you are right to vent. I am holding back here. That is why Fiverr has packages and extras. For example editing 1-minute video could be a job for 5$ for someone. One OBS overlay 5$. One page to proofread - 5$. So there are some small jobs that can be done within that budget. But to edit 50 minutes for 20$ or 10000 pages for 50$ is just…

And the worst part is what I see from outsiders is they think this is a place where people from poorer countries are trying to make some buck so they will do anything for 5$.

How is “I am from ************” = " I will do anything and everything for 5$" ???

Who is doing this discrimination? How come they would never offer me, a ******** from ****** to do something for 5$.

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

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Yes, I was thinking the same. But nowadays I try and chill a bit and think if a seller is wanting to invest several hours of their time for minimum wage rates or below then that is up to them. Personally I have pride and value my time, skills and experience.

When are sellers going to learn that cheap jobs tend to end in heartache? In my experience accepting below market rates for jobs or chasing after cheap jobs only brings tears.


To whom ever flagged me you should learn to read English better. I did not say I was actually doing those jobs for those prices and I was not promoting myself. I would never do that for that amount. You need to read more and look at the bigger picture.
EDIT: And yes you are so mighty and amazing that you flagged me again while I was trying to edit my post and clarify my words. I hope you are so proud of yourself now. CONGRATULATIONS!

I totally agree and I know that what others choose to do shouldn’t bother us, but I can’t help it, when I see my “competitors” underselling themselves and bringing the whole market down I think it’s sad…

I think this is a universal phrase… the cream rises to the top!

The decent buyers and sellers do eventually attract each other because the buyer offers a decent budget to work with, and the seller will only work with those who are professional enough to offer a decent budget!

But like you, it makes me sad when I see sellers offer services similar to mine for a price that I could never consider working for. They are doing no one a favour, least of all them.