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I need help over here Programmers!

My name is Caitlin
I will get right into it. I run a gaming community and a website - FORUM -
and i want someone who can help me in [Programming & Tech.] > [Desktop Applications]

What i want is i run servers for a game called Counter Strike 1.6
and these servers need Admins. because i wont manage all servers in one time.

My Request:
So my request is I need someone who can make me a Desktop Application,
If someone wants to become an admin he fill the form from the application
and his form becomes ready to read and investigate. I hope you guys understand me.

Or basically i want something similarly like that
I need a serious seller who can understand me. please MESSAGE ME IN PRIVATE MESSAGES
not here.

P.S: I will pay whatever it takes =)

Much appreciated =)