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I need Help please in regards to gig drop in rank

I need suggestions and help. I joined Fiverr in June 2020 and was doing pretty well but since I became a level one seller my ranking, impression, and click reduced drastically. My impression normally ranks around 10k with over 200 clicks but now I barely see 500 impressions with 5 clicks. my gigs are rarely seen on the search and all efforts to get this balanced ain’t working. Please kindly check through and help me with suggestions because it is really frustrating.



There is an assumption that fiverr is giving a “boost” to some new accounts and gives them more visibility at the beginning so new sellers had a better chance.
However after sometime it all goes to normal and your gig “ranks” among others.
Fiverr also doesn’t guarantee you permanent placing and constantly rotating gigs.
To put your gig on the first pages with a lot of impressions means that one of the old sellers with good track record were moved to the last pages.
Your gig might come back soon to the same level of impressions or it might take it a long time.

5clicks for 500 impressions also a pretty low conversation. The same for 10k impressions with 200 clicks. And we suspect that conversion is also part of the performance that fiverr takes into account when “ranking” gigs.