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I need help really badly!

I tested positive for covid-19 some time ago and was inactive on Fiverr because of that. I had an order going on which the buyer insisted on cancelling since I could not deliver on time. Now that I have recovered, I realize that my order completion has gone down drastically (as I had only done 6 orders so far and this cancelled order was my 7th one), and I am not getting any orders.
Help a girl out. Go and place an order with me. I promise I will not let you down-

I will be accepting orders at half the listed price too just to gain some traction on Fiverr. Just DM me for a custom order and I promise I will take it up.
I really need this.

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Sorry about your misfortune, but no one asks other buyers to place an order with them! Sorry it is not done!

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