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I need Help, Recently my account Has been Disabled..!


Hello There,
I am in a Big Trouble :scream::cold_sweat:, hope you all will help…!!

Few Moment Ago, I received a message from Fiverr to deactivate my account,:sob: it was written that I am using the same payment mathod In 2 Fiverr account, but in reality, it is completely false and baseless, in this case,:disappointed_relieved: I immediately contact Fiverr customer Support, And There say now, I am using two Fiverr accounts at the same place or at the same time In same PC,:sob: and this was also a totally baseless argument, Then I say Please check or review my account on Fiverr Trust & Safety team,:innocent:

=> Dear, I’m not A mad, I know About Fiverr Ruls, And Also I know Its how many strict…!!
Really I can’t do this, I thing Its just A mistake, I’m Level 1 seller, And Fiverr forum regular member ( Trusted Level )… I mean I know About Fiverr Ruls, Please Try to understand, Its not my fault, Please trust me…!!

So Please kindly help me, What can I do Right Now…!! Please…!!:pray:

Thank for your time
Kind regards,


Sorry to hear you are having trouble. The forum is just a place where other buyers and sellers chat, we are not staff and have no access to your accounts. This is an issue between you and Support.


Ok, Thank you…!!