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I Need Help regarding the Delivered Project

I delivered a project 9 hrs before the due time but the client isn’t completing the order from his side and right now I’m seeing 9mins Late (in red colour) written in my orders. What I can do now? Is it goona be calculated in late orders? Is it goona affect my ratings?


Are you sure you “delivered” using deliver button? It won’t show timecount when you deliver that way

So long as you delivered the project, rather than sent the work in a message, then I don’t understand why you are seeing the order is late. That doesn’t make sense.

Are you sure your buyer didn’t request a revision, and then you redelivered beyond the original deadline? That would cause the red LATE lettering, although your stats won’t be affected so long as your first delivery was ahead of deadline (which you say it was).

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Yes i am because on my delivered page everything is in green color. In my messages with the buyer its showing red color. Now in Orders Page> Manage Sales> in delivered page ts showing me Due on 28 mins(nothing after that)

No. I didnt get any revision notification from his side nor from the fiverr side plus yeah he asked me to do some changes but i did that 2hrs ago and he said ok. im happy now. Im trying to send him messages but hes not replying me back

In your order page, after delivery is it showing like this ?


YES brother it is

Then there maybe some system error. Check with CS.

Sorry I didn’t get your point brother. what is CS?

Customer support

Hi @talhahofication, please go to the “Orders” tab. Does it show as “Delivered”?

Hey! yeah. it’s saying it’s delivered

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Nice! :slightly_smiling_face: So don’t worry. It’s a bug that has appeared recently. :wink:

Now, if you see that your “On-time Delivery” metric comes down because of it, then contact CS, giving them that specific order reference, asking them to please look into it and to kindly restore that metric.

Hope not, but just in case you need to place a ticket, here’s the link to contact CS: Fiverr Customer Support

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This usually doesn’t have any effect. Happens to me all the time. I often set my delivery time to 1 day and then deliver. If the buyer forgets to mark it as delivered or just doesn’t have the time, that happens. The order auto completes after 3 days and is marked as delivered on time. That is also the case when the buyer requests a revision.