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I need help reviewing my gigs. My last delivery was 6 weeks ago and I'm not getting any new sales

Hello Fiverr community! I hope everyone is doing okay. I have a request I would like to make to anyone who reads this post. Please I need your help.

From the past 6 weeks I’ve not got any new orders here on Fiverr. I’m really confused and I don’t know what is going wrong. I joined Fiverr on October 2020 and I made my first sale after 3 weeks. So far I’ve made 2 sales with 5 star rating.

I don’t get why I’m getting more clicks but no orders are coming my way. Anyone who may be interested to help. It will be really nice if you go through my gigs and see what I might be doing to turn off clients or what I can do to make clients be interested in working with me. Please!!!

The following are links to my gigs:

Please! Anyone who may have some ideas on what I can do to improve my gigs. I would really helpful and it will help me a lot.

Thank you very much.

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