I need help right this second!


How do you send an extension request for a current delivery? Yes, the buyer said they would accept the extension if I sent one, but I don’t know how!

Thank you in advance!!


A trip to Fiverr’s academy is a must for you then.

That’s something fundamental and you need to have those down pat.

On the top right of your order’s page, there’s a resolution center. You can initiate such a request there.


Ooops. This second has passed. :wink:



You can order your delivery and he will do modification in it with extendable days.

You can finish current order and do new order also…


hello madam… am a new user. and thank you.


Thank you so much, I’ve been freaking out but I finally got it requested.


Yes it has :cold_sweat: it’s ok though, I didn’t die lol.