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I need help...seriously

Hi Fiverr-community,
Please help me out on this one.
I just finished a custom translation gig (max. 13.000 words). The customer sent me 4 files and I worked on them over the last 15 days - while the customer was really needy, e.g. demanding daily updates (and reminding me of them!) and requesting paragraphs sent as soon as they were ready. Now I was just happy that this project was completed when I received a new message saying “Where is the other file?” And I double checked that I translated everything sent. - Which I did. And then the customer goes like, well, we agreed on 13.000 words then I forgot to send it. Oh well, here is another file. -No questions asked, simply assuming I would translate another 4000 words - which now bring the total to more than 15.000 words. - A lot more than agreed on.
Well, I did not add up the words on the documents when I received them, as I assumed what was submitted was everything as it normally should be.
I am pretty mad about it, as I don’t think it’s fair to withhold a document until a gig is completed and then simply expect it to be done asap. - And what also makes me angry are the additional >2000 words.
What would you do? I don’t want to start a fight but simply sucking isn’t working either.
Do I have to translate the additional file or is it the customer’s fault if s/he simply withholds/forgets/whatever a document and then brings it up as soon as the gig is completed?
Thank you.

Hi there
I think customer needs to pay you more for this. If you both agreed to 13k words, and you translated that, then your work is done. If he wants more, then he will need to pay more.

"customer goes like, well, we agreed on 13.000 words…"
If you translated that, then you are done with it.

I would also politely point to the fact that he only paid for 13000 words. Send him a custom offer for the remaining word count along with a nice message. Make sure to keep all of the messages on hand if you do encounter a problem with him such as neg. feedback you can always contact customer support and in this case I am confident they will be on your side.
For the future you might want to consider breaking huge projects down into separate gigs. Just to protect yourself. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Best of luck.