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I need help to cancel this order

I want to cancel this order so my client made this request. This job has 3 milestones and the 2nd milestone has 14 hours. What should I do now? Do I have to write anything here? Or should I wait 2 days so that the order is canceled automatically? Will it count me late even after the cancellation?

Plz, help. I am really confused.


If you really want to cancel this order, you just have to click “Accept” and leave a message to your buyer if you want to do so and the order will be cancelled.

There’s no option to accept or anything like this. It says to provide an status update about the order.

Please note that, this order has 3 milestones. Not like regular fixed price orders.

Of your client is asking you for an update then obviously you should reply to them and give them an update where you are right now with their order and how it’s progressing :woman_shrugging:

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I did, but the order is still running. Why isnt it cancelled yet?

Why would it be cancelled if that’s the request for an update from you?

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didn’t my buyer send a cancellation request? what did he send then?


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maybe he didn’t understand how to do it. Can I cancel the order?

oh no! How can I cancel the the order? I contacted the fiverr support but they aren’t responding. The order has only 4 hours left it will mark me late. This is so disappointing.

For orders with milestones only fiverr CS will be able to cancel it.

Due to pandemic it might take them up to 10 days to reply.

It also will be great if you keep your client up to date and that cancellation wouldn’t be something out of the blue for them. Right now they are obviously thinking that you are working on their order.

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We agreed to cancel it , but now its clear to me he doesnt know how to do it. Will it mark me late ? because I will not deliver the work. I met all the criterias for the level one badge this month…now this is happening to me. GREAT!!!

He can’t. It’s a milestone order, neither your client nor you can cancel it. Only CS can cancel milestone orders.

Why do you want to cancel it, anyway?

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It’s not “late” that you need to worry about. Cancelling an order still might affect your order completion ratio.

I can recover it , right?

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