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I need help to get my gig improved

I’m a new seller here on fiverr, even though i’ve been registered since june, i never really came to the forums.
Anyway, i have some gigs here on fiverr like the rest of the you guys, but the problem is that people won’t order, i only got one order and the buyer was satisfied, it’s like that people won’t give new comers a chance to show their skills, this particular gig for example :

I think i’m giving a good offer, and the market isn’t really competetitive, i get a few clicks every day (sometimes not though) but no one orders, what is wrong with this gig ? can you help a new comer ?

Thank you,

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On the market , if you don’t know how to show off, then you are a nobody.
Keep in mind.
Tips for you to win jobs

Thank you for the reply, but i already read that.

What i need is maybe tips on how to improve my description and overall gig.

Ok, I am planning to write one soon, I managed to get 5 orders in two days. That, I think is however , can’t be called a lucky shot.

By the way,you can check my gigs, get some ideas

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Very happy for you, i hope i can learn from your gigs, i’ll be waiting for your article :smiley:

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Hi dhaouadinoor,

I like your video animation, and your sfx are great! Here’s a thought - and I hope it is helpful!

Perhaps you can show the difference between your Basic, Standard and Premium offers. Also, the first video you showcase is all about martial arts. Do you have other activities that your stick figure can do?

Many animated explainers are about business services. So, perhaps consider making a showcase demo that shows someone getting their carpets cleaned, sitting at an office desk, shopping, or other “services” since that’s what Buyers need – animation that showcases how their business service works. And show that you can not only do amazing movement but complement it with awesome backgrounds. I don’t know if you are interested in doing more standard animated explainers, but from your second video it seems like you’ve definitely got the capability! I recently voiced this explainer, would you be able to do something like this where business images are also incorporated?

I hope that is helpful! Best wishes with your gigs!


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Hi lisa,
Thank you for the moral boost, i’ll try to edit my gig and show the difference between my packages more clearly.

I can basically make the stick figure do anything i want, because it is a frame by frame animation, so any type of stick figure animation is in my field of expertise.

Actually, your idea about making a showcase demo is not bad, i might consider doing one when i can.

When it comes to animated explainers,i never really tried something like that before, maybe i’ll look into that field more and see what i can do.

Thank you again for the response,

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You are right. But most of the people said to me explain my experience so I was unfit for any kind of jobs. Now I will try to maintain your advice.

don’t worry about it you will get order as soon