I need help to get orders


I need help to get orders. Day by day its going to rack and ruin. What do I do for increase my sales?


You can promote your gigs on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, anywhere basically, forum posts and blog comments are also a good way to promote your business.



These might help…

New to Fiverr? Read this BEFORE you ask "How to get Buyers?"


Promoting Your Gigs


Good luck! :slight_smile:



Hi again,

You might want to think about a rewrite of your gig descriptions. There’s too much, “I have”, “I will”. It reads like a bio rather than a sales pitch.

Put your bio stuff in your profile description, and make your gig description more about the GIG and the BUYER. Say exactly what the GIG is, don’t beat around the bush or leave it tothe BUYERS imagination. Say exactly how the BUYER will benefit from it.