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I need help to impove my Gig - New Seller

Hello, I’m Katherine and I’m 18 years. Sorry for the bad English, I’m not a native speaker…I hope you understand. About a year ago I moved to another city and I was living with my boyfriend and his parents. Well, today his parents kicked me out of their home and I have nowhere to go…
I try for a long time to gain some money from Fiverr, so I can be able to rent a home. But I have no buyers at all.
My situation is really difficult, I’m far away from my parents and my house and I have nowhere to live. I know that you are not interested in my problems but I really need help, maybe some tips on how to have more buyers.

Thank you so much for your time.

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and secondly, you may online 12 hours minimum in a day. and send 10 request daily

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Great. Thank you so much.

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no need of thanks. hope so you difficulty has been moved from you.

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Also improve your response time.

If you need help with basic needs like shelter, you need to contact some kind of social services or shelters in your area. The Fiverr forum cannot help with that and it would be difficult to advise you on gigs if you are not in a stable situation. Forum users cannot help you with money. Freelancing is not an easy way to earn.

Once you get set up in a stable situation, perhaps you can come back and ask only about freelancing. Some comments were removed from the thread since they were on topics other than gig help. Good luck.