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I need help to improve my GIGs - impressions, clicks and views are all-time low

I hope this post is in order.

I am a level two seller and I have a five year old account with over 1500 sales. But since March of 2020, my gigs performances have been sinking. I have read series of suggestions and purported solutions to gigs in crisis, but nothing has worked.

At a point, someone suggested fiverr may have removed my gig from search engine (nothing you wont hear when you are in trouble; lol), I contacted CS and I was assured nothing of sort happened. I also followed the CS suggestions on possible solution, but right now, my gigs stats are all in RED!

Please see the gigs here and help me if you can, thanks in advance!


Please read rule 6.

What do you mean by “in red”?

Please revisit (IMG) point 2 and update your video, (PPD) point 1, (FAQ) points 1 and 5, (PRF) points 1 through 6, and the (CPM) section.


When overall gig statistics (impressions, clicks and conversion) hit all time low, the indicator shows red downward arrows. If its increasing, the indicator is green in color.

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In that case: If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]

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Thanks for the link explaining why gig impressions are dropping and why it doesn’t matter to a gig’s success.

From the text, the Jonbaas explained that impression only shows the presence of a gig in a list of 48 other gigs that the page was refreshed.

He advanced three reasons a gig might get an impression and urged that one be worried if a gig isn’t getting a click instead of troubling over impression.

My question is, can a gig that didnt come up at all get clicked? Definitely no! That is why those who worried about impression are on point.

Without a gig being among those 48 other gigs, there is no chance for a click!

While one makes efforts to improve the gig look, catchy title, description and image, there is need to be among the 48 other gigs to get a chance for a click, which is where impression comes in.

How can I get my gig to be among those 48 other gigs?

That is where I need help!

Thanks again.

I already pointed some things out.

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask for clarification.

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Helpful. You are kind. Thank you!