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I need help to know if this is a Gig Fraud

Hello there,

I need your help, because I don’t know if I’m being scammed. The story is the following…

About a month ago, I got a message in my inbox of someone o was willing to pay me 60 USD to do the tasks similar to one of my premium gigs (where I charge about 35 USD).

I got excited, because the payment was bigger, even tho the amount of work was larger and involved more details (I do 3D modeling btw).

The person in question takes about 2 or 3 weeks to respond to my messages, even tho he is online sometimes (witch I’m not judging, just pointing it out, because it might be an important detail). So as you can see, we haven’t exchanged many messages.

Anyways, he was interested in my work and basically was evaluating if I could do the task that he needed. I sent him a mini version of my portfolio and he got very pleased.

Today, he sent me a file with some incorrections that he wanted me to fix, in a way to test me. My problem, is that this “test” is very similar to the end product that he wants and he basically is asking me to send the resolution of this test via email, or share whit him via the software that I use to create the 3D models.

My problem with this, is that the person is basically asking me to do free work for him in the form of this “test” and I don’t have reassurance if he will take my gig, or pay anything at all. :thinking:

What can I do?
What is the best way to approach this situation?

Thank you all for having the patience tho read this and trying to help me :smiley:

PS: the person has already purchased 3 gigs before contacting me, all reviews with 5 stars.


Don’t send your work via email.
If I understand well, he asked you to do some work before the order? I think it can be already considered a try of scamming :sweat_smile:

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Yeah that “test” sounds like free work. In your place, I would say sorry but I don’t work before an order is placed and block the guy.

You can always try to talk to him, but even if he accepts it, he can leave you a bad rating as a revenge.

I would block him, but it’s up to you. But please, don’t to that “test”.


He wants fixes? Then have him pay for the fixes. Pretty simple.


Thanks for the response :smiley:

I’m not planning on send the work via email, he just suggest it (for the test file).

What is the best thing I can do? :confused:

The best thing you can do is say “Sure, I can help you with that- it will be $x, want me to send you a custom offer?” If he doesn’t respond politely, block him.

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So… I create a custom offer just for that test? Let’s imagine, at 10 USD (?)

Don’t send him the offer right away. Tell him that to do that task, your rate is $x, whatever you think is fair. And then see his response. If there are any red flags in his response, block him. Don’t send a $5 or $10 bucks offer (that’s peanuts) and allow him to leave a bad review in revenge for cheap. Be polite and professional yet firm and confident.


Thanks for your response :smiley:

I’m going to wait for his message and then try to make him accept my gig. It might take 2 weeks for him to respond, but I’ll try ahahahaha

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@john_reis @visualstudios I just need to point out that we are all from Portugal. Coincidências :wink:


A sério?? Fantástico! :smiley:


If we speak in english, it will not view this as spam?

I would say so, by using a language not everyone will understand you will, even if it’s not your intention, exclude other people to join the topic.

To answer your question the ‘best’ amount to send as a test order is however much time you’ll spend on the test multiplied by your hourly rate.

If your hourly rate is $40 and it would take you 15 minutes then a fair amount would be around $10.

Ps: It does sound to me like he’s leading you on and I’d be surprised if they actually place an order.


Yeah, they don’t allow full conversations in another language, I should have told you before, sorry :frowning:
If you can, let us know if everything turned out ok! Boa sorte


Please read the Forum rules, this is a Forum where the only language allowed in English. If you post in another language then you must also post the English translation.


Even if this weren’t a scam, you don’t do work for free.

There’s no reason to “test” someone for free.

Don’t just ask yourself if a buyer is a scammer. Ask yourself if they are unscrupulous and exploitative.


Thank you very much @zerlina84 @visualstudios @humanissocial @urdeke @vickiespencer @cifranx :smiley: You were all very helpfull, not just for now, but for all my future gigs!!

The client was not willing to work with me and I quote “Unfortunately, we can’t work together like that. Other freelancers have solved the task in the same time you needed to write your answer.”, which I kinda don’t understand, I just took 20 mins to respond :confused:

The whole project sounded fishsy…So I’m glad I’m not working for him.

Once again, Thank you all for helping me!
Stay safe! :smiley:


Ahahah, what an ***hole. Good riddance.