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I need help to solve an issue i have with my gig

So, i offer a service were i help people with all kinds of stuff around music production (Logic Pro X).
And people can book 15 minutes/ 30 Minutes /1 hour to sit down with me and i help them.
But this part works fine. My problem is when people book they usually book, they book the gig now. But they want help like in 5 days maybe. I i have my delivery time set to “1 day” That’s because i wanna show them that i can be avaliable to do a meeting within 24 hours of them booking the gig.

So right now i have a customer who booked a gig 2 days ago and now it says that i’m late with my delivery, when in reality we are not doing the meeting until sunday the 4th August.

So how do i fix this in the best way possible?

Please send help <3

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