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I Need Help UNLOCKING my Account PLEASE!

I have been trying desperately to reach Customer Support with multiple Requests. And they are NOT responding. I don’t know what else to do??? I have done several projects here but my most recent job was NOT completed correctly. I can NOT communicate with Seller because I can’t send them a message due to my account being Locked! How can I call them? Any suggestions PLEASE…



If anyone here knows Seller: "********", PLEASE let her know I am trying to reach her desperately to correct my order…

Mod Note: Username removed.

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If your account is locked your orders are canceled.

Due to the pandemic, Fiverr Customer Support is overwhelmed and they are taking up to 10 days to respond. Also, I have heard on the Forum that if you send more than one request then CS sees it as spam :scream: and they all get deleted. :slightly_frowning_face:

You should have received a message from Fiverr telling you why your account was locked plus all of the information about what you can do. I do know that your funds are available 90 days after your account is removed. Hopefully, that is not the case with yours.


Thank you for responding Vickie (that’s my Mom’s name :slightly_smiling_face: ) . This whole situation is most unfortunate! Initially over 3 weeks ago, I had a dispute with another seller. We could not resolve it so I contacted Cust Support. Well they took too long to respond, so I disputed the charge with my Bank. Only THEN did Fiverr respond! Warning me about my action, and not waiting for them to respond. Well, that is not how I do Business. It is ALL about “Communication” with me and my own Clients! Anyway, I responded to that message over a week ago. Ironically, I was able to process another job request from the same Seller, which was fine, however, they sent me the incorrect file type (jpeg) instead of a pdf for card printing. But now I can NOT even communicate with the Seller to correct the issue. Grrrrrr!!! :rage:

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The issue order was Canceled. But I had simultaneously had another Order being processed with another Seller. I need to contact them to send me the correct file type. The work was great just the wrong file type was sent.
Where or Who are the ADMINS here on this forum???

In addition to what @vickiespencer advised:

Filing a transaction dispute or reversing a payment through your payment provider or your bank is a violation of these Payment Terms. Doing so may get your account temporarily or permanently disabled. Note: Once you have filed a dispute with your payment provider, the funds will be ineligible for a refund due to our obligations towards the payment provider.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Only Customer Support can reinstate your account.


As @lloydsolutions pointed out that is a TOS violation, that is why your account is locked. I am afraid you are done buying on Fiverr. :slightly_frowning_face:

Because the order has been canceled. :confused:

They are called Moderators. There are several, however, like most of us here they are, buyers and sellers, and have no Customer Service powers. :nerd_face:


@marcusb750 I know you’re not pleased by the situation, but the Custom Support will be more than glad to assist you in the most shorted time frame possible, if they’ve contacted you back with delay is because they are pretty busy in this period.
Imagine handling not 1 but 50 requests like yours every day, if everything is not done in order and with rush, the outcome will be negative.
The only thing that needs to be done in these uncomfortable situations is to wait for the Customer Support answer and do not panic.


Why did a Moderator remove the name of the Seller I am trying to reach???

Because it’s against forum rules to call out anyone on a forum.

The same as it’s against fiverr TOS to file a chargeback.


Call out??? I am simply trying to reach someone who I have worked with and was very Pleased with FYI. Since I can’t communicate with them via chat. Unfortunately I received the wrong file type. I have already PAID for the service and need to receive what I paid for. Nothing more or less.

With regard to the previous pay dispute, that was with a different Seller and if I had received timely communication/response, that would not have occurred either.

As a Business Owner, I take great pride in “timely and satisfactory communication”. As should anyone who is in business.

Unfortunately “timely” or untimely communication doesn’t allow you to break rules.

FYI: both jpg and pdf are suitable for printing.


I’m looking for Helpful and not Condescending responses. No need to reply if you aren’t able to provide this.
And I am well aware that a jpg can be printed. For a Business Card however, pdf with crops and bleeds are necessary.

And you already got quite a few. It doesn’t mean that they are not helpful just because it’s not what you wanted to hear.