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I need help Urgent

Upon withdrawing $144 into my payoneer account, my account was blocked after 2 days. I have been trying to contact fiverr since 25th august with no reply. I contacted payooner to reverse my payment but they are not helping me in any situation. They are saying only fiverr can reverse this payment. Please someone help me. I am so done with this… I work hard and payooner does this and fiver support team doesn’t even respond.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait for a reply from Fiverr customer support, we can’t really help you. Due to an increase in tickets, CS is currently taking about 10 days to respond, so I suppose all you can do right now is to wait.

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This is quite unfortunate. However, you may have to be patient since nowadays, the CS take relatively longer to respond but they finally do. I have had instances where they took as long as 6 days but finally helped me.

But will this issue be solved if fiver responds? Will they be able to rollback the money?

Thankyousomuch for your respond. I feel extremely demotivated… This was supposed to be my first withdrawal…

Of course customer support solves all the problems within their jurisdiction. If your problem is beyond them, they will obviously advice you on what to do. However, they are the best people to solve your Fiverr problems. Just be confident they will.

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I can’t tell you that.
Did you happen to receive a mail or any kind of notification? Usually they send a mail explaining why the account was banned.

Just for clarification, you’re a seller, not a buyer?

Normally, all withdrawals are final, as stated in Fiverr’s Terms of Service. However, I think that there were a few exceptions in the past.

I didn’t receive any email from payoneer. I connected my fiver to my payoneer on 16-18th August or before and on 23rd I made a withdrawal. On 25th without any notification it was blocked. I contacted payoneer multiple times and they said money cant be sent from the blocked account nor we can transfer it to a new account your account was blocked due to incorrect details. Only fiver can reverse this payment. I have screenshots which i posted in CS. I am a seller.

I hope they roll it back since I didnt get any help from payoneer whatsoever. And $144 is alot of hard work…

This is actually scares me as I’m using Payoneer too. Did you really withdrawn your money from Fiverr to Payoneer successfully? By successfully, I mean the money arrived in your Payoneer account.

If you’re successfully withdrawn your money to Payoneer, and then the money comes in Payoneer account, it shouldn’t have any connections with Fiverr again right?

If the money already in your Payoneer, then whether your Fiverr account blocked or not it shouldn’t any problem. You still can withdraw your money in Payoneer to your local bank.