I need help! urgently!


I have a buyer who is accusing me of using Google Translate, and is threatening to report me as a scammer…

I have done everything I can to make him trust me, but he just won’t…

He ordered a gig where I had to translate something from English to Danish, which I was able to do very quickly since I am a native speaker. I am 22 years old, and born and raised in Denmark.
Anyway, I tried everything with this guy, but he still wouldn’t trust me… I did a couple of revisions, came with suggestions for other Danish Words which he could use because they were other Words for the exact same thing. Other than that I even sended him a copy of my grades from the English exam from the gymnasium, which clearly showed that I definitely do NOT need to use Google translate, because of my high grades!
But he still thinks that I used Google translate!!!

What do I do here? I have 14 hours left. Do I just cancel the order and forget everything about the Money? What do you think?

  • Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I believe you. Only a European would talk about gymasium in an educational setting!

Customer Support. Do NOT respond to the bad review. If CS can’t help, be English and icy. Extreme politeness wins.


Thank you, Emmaki! :slight_smile: - And you are right, Europeans talk about gymnasium.

After regular school (6 years old to 16 years old), I went to basic business school (2 years). After that, I went to a more advanced business school which takes 3 years. I dropped out after the first year, because I wanted to study at the gymnasium, where I graduated after 2 years. Then I went to an academi to study finance and business, to be able to Work in a bank or a real estate Agency and so on…
Anyway, I know how to translate from English to Danish, and the other way around. And if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you right now :wink:


Hi, I think you are right but try to convince him. If he can’t trust and not much money involved in this project then you can cancel the project because if buyer gives you negative review that will be bad for your profile.


I get the feeling this buyer is just trying to push you into getting free work done.
Contact customer support, as Emmaki suggested.
I’m sorry that this is happening to you, hopefully you’ll get a great customer later
o which will make up for this sh*tty situation. Being a translator myself I’d be quite
offended if someone accused me of using google translation!


I have delivered the Work Again, and I am waiting for his respond. If he is still not completely satisfied, I will cancel the order :slight_smile:


I think you are right about that. It’s just so frustrating when you don’t really know how to prove it to him…


Hi there All,
I am obtaining no orders as Gregorian calendar month started i dont apprehend why this is often happening my gig went all the way down to 3K Impression from 8K. and that i got no single person from previous days. i would like to grasp is that this to solely American state or others face problems as well?
Do share your thoughts with American state. Any suggestions would be nice. conjointly if any of you’ve got slightly of your time suggesting regarding my gig image. Do let American state apprehend if you wish it. ought to i modify the image or some modifications. :slight_smile: Hope to listen to from some practiced Member presently.


Why are you copy/pasting from other things on on the forum? http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/fiverr-must-have-a-tool-to-deal-with-cheated-buyers/


If you are right from your side,don’t be frustrated.

From my point of view,I try to believe — “Client is always right” and that’s why I try my best to make my clients happy.

If he/she is unhappy with my job,I offer order cancel request.

But,If client try to blackmail you,you should contact with fiverr customer support immediately.

The customer support can help you most.


The simplest way to “prove” that your translation isn’t a GT one would be to actually put the original text into Google Translate, screenshot the awkward mechanical translation and send it to the seller and point out just how different yours is.

Mind you, if the buyer can’t read Danish (I’m assuming…) then it’s not really going to help, but at least show that GT wasn’t at all involved.


That is actually a really good idea, emmaki! :slight_smile: I will keep that in mind for the next time (hopefully there will not be a next time!).

By the way, I re-delivered the same Work, and the buyer did not complain or ask for a revision, so it all worked out.


Do report to The Customer support… They are always there to help !


I apologize for my question completely going off topic, haha.
Sort of curious what is this “gymnasium” you talk about?
Especially this phrase where you said “wanted to study at the gymnasium” … What is a gymnasium? Well, in my head I think about a gym where people work out or that huge space in the campus where most physical education classes are held… Is it referring to something else? Something related to the European culture, perhaps? haha… Just genuinely curious, really! :slight_smile:

As for your problem, how did it go? It would be really frustrating to know a buyer doesn’t believe you and to think you’ve placed the extra effort to proving him wrong. From what I see, the buyer is either really just trying to be thorough or trying to get free work.


Great advice, Emmaki. Even if the buyer can read Danish he might pretend like he can’t. You know what I mean to say?


And she is a level 1 seller, has 2 gigs for proofreading and rewriting services.


I think that the gymnasium could be similar to college or high school. You choose between two types of educations, the HF (The higher preparation exam) or the STX (High school diploma or GCSE). HF takes 2 years and STX takes 3 years. You follow classes like Danish, English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Music, History, Biology etc.

Luckely, my problem with the buyer is solved. I uploaded my Work Again, and he never responded. So the order was marked as complete in 3 days :slight_smile:


thank you for taking the time to explaining that to me! Haha, I’ve learned something new :slight_smile:

Haha! Glad to know things worked out! I wish you much fiverr success! :slight_smile:


Thank you, and you too :slight_smile: