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I need help urgentlyy

Hi i am a seller on here and made my account about 2 weeks ago,i played people’s fut champs games something that many other people sell on here but i’ve been banned from it and have lost everything, i was wondering if anyone could help me :frowning:

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You violated Fut CHamps game TOS. Selling those gigs is not allowed on Fiverr.

Those sellers that are still there just have not been caught yet.


really are you not allowed to sell fut champs


What are Fut Champs?

You seem to have an account now. If you have created a new account without the permission from Customer Support, you broke the rules again, and your new account is likely to get banned, too.

A game mode on fifa 21

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this is a new accojnt yes but i have done nothing wrong

You have offered a forbidden service.

After your account was banned, you have created a new one without permission, which is also forbidden.


When you get banned it is not from only your account. You are banned from ever doing business on Fiverr again, unless you get permission from CS.

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