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I need help why my gig impression is reduce

why my gig impression is reduce i dont understand. do you know why my gig impression is reduce from my gig.what can i do to increase my gig impression. click also reduce from my gig why its happening. I dont understand anyone help me please.


Same problem…I don’t understand what i will do now


if you increase your gig impressions and click.
Share your gig on social media. And remain active in Fiverr.
Best wishes for you.
I hope you get successful soon


This post below might help you understand! And (as the post states) impressions don’t mean everything, although I understand it’s not nice to see such a drop since I’m experiencing the same thing.
If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED] - Your Fiverr Experience / Improve My Gig - Fiverr Community Forum

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thanks for your kind information :heart:

thanks for your kind information. its really helps me to understand which things are important for my gig. thanks again :heart:

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same problem, I don’n understand what can I do…

Try to stay active 24/7 and if you think your gig needs some modification, you can do that too. Like using low competition keyword is a good way to modify gig.

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