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I need help with a bad move


Im a software freelace, I use a very basic gig to attract clients, explaining the languages I dominate and what I offer. The problem is that a customer bought my gig without contacting me before and then gave me specs of the software he needed, completely abusing price and time. Anyone who has bought or sold software knows that each system varies in price and development time. My question is what can I do to cancel the sale without affecting my percentage of finished orders? It seems unfair to me that this affects a reputation I have been careful to maintain.


Mutual Cancellation is the only way. It will affect your percentage of order completion but its the only choice.


i want to know how can i get orders please help me i am new i want get orders


You won’t get it by this way either.


cancel the job


Being a newbie seller with only two reviews is all about letting customers “abuse you on price and time.” Some of my first five dollar orders took me an entire day to complete. Bear with it until you get to level one, and then you can start being more selective. It’s The price of entry at fiverr.


Hello, What do you offer?


Thanks for your answer selfors. I understand that it is part of forming a reputation to work hard. But the fact of buying a custom gig without consulting the seller is a very bad move.


Then add “Message me before ordering any of my services in your gigs.”

or something like that, so they will message you first about their needs.


Thanks for your answer! Yes, I am taking new precautions to avoid these situations.


Start with this in mind: Soul Sucking has long been a part of how Fiverr works. Newer sellers are exploited until they realize how the system functions, we’ve all been through it.

That said, you can request a mutual cancellation. If your customer is a honest fellow, which I personally doubt, they will agree to cancel their order. They might even contact you again to re-discuss the deal.

Your second option is getting in touch with CS. That’s a bit of an uncharted territory. Members of the Customer Service team will review your gig and the conversation with your client, ask you a bunch of details and eventually decide whether or not the order needs to be cancelled.

Some might say that CS is slightly biased towards paying customers. Although I never experienced it directly, it sounds easy to believe.

Anyway, these are your options. Pick the one that looks better and good luck.


Thank you! No doubt, the answer I needed from someone with experience. I think the second one is a better option, because I only have two sales, an unfinished order will lower me 33% of my percentage. Thanks, again