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I need help with a problem

Hello guys.

Yesterday a buyer contacted me to place an order.

So far so good, I showed him what I had done and like all orders, I sent it to him by the gig.

The situation now is that it tells me that it is sent, but he has to accept it and the buyer does not respond to me, I left him about 20 messages and he does not want to read me.

What would happen in this case if the 3 days pass and you have not accepted the shipment, after I have already done the work and give me the go-ahead

After 3days the order will be marked automatic, but keep in mind for 15days the buyer still have option to give your rating and review


May be your buyer is busy so once you have delivered, don’t try and contact your buyer. Leave it be. Write down anything specific you might want your buyer to know, by the time of delivering. Sending messages after delivery can be marked as spam which might lead to a warning!!!

After three days of delivering order will be automatically marked as complete and funds will be cleared to your account.


Fund will be showing up in earning, but Fund will be cleared after 15days buyer still have a chance to for refund if he found his work incomplete.


It is rather common for a buyer to not respond or say anything even after the order is
delivered. The reason may vary, he/she might be busy, or something else is going on.

I will say though, in the future if something like this happens again,
you might not want to send 20 messages. One or two I understand, but 20?
If I was the buyer, that will make me feel…I dunno, a bit uneasy.


I was exaggerating with 20 messages, I sent him 3 or 4 and I already quit

i thing even 1 or 2 or 3 message after delivery no need for that, because delivery is your last contact with buyer, so if you have any thing to say just type it in the delivery message and leave it to buyer what he/she says about the delivery, if he/she needs changes he/she will ask about that, if no changes needed he/she will just accept the delivery.

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If you did this to me I’d leave you a bad review and never work with you again.

Stop harassing your buyer. He’ll get back to you if he has a question about the order or wants a revision or he may let the order auto complete. That’s his prerogative.

If you had read the TOS, which you agree to when you register with Fiverr, you would know your order will autocomplete within 3 days and that your buyer can request a revision if necessary.

Just stop harassing your buyer. It’s so rude, unprofessional and unnecessary.

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