I need help with cancelling an faulty order without hurting my statistics


Hello. I received the order for translation from English to Russian. However the buyer didn’t attach the text. He just started the order and wrote that he couldn’t attach it. The clock is ticking and I have no text to translate! I don’t want to just cancel the order, it would hurt my reputation (100% orders done in time). Is there a way to cancel the order without hurting my statistics? I wrote to the support already, but didn’t receive an answer. I have only 1 day remaining to cancel this. Otherwise my reputation is going to suffer.


Any cancellations WILL affect your stats.

You can ask for delivery time extension via the “Resolution Center”.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Please can you remove the buyer’s name from your post? Thank you! :slight_smile:


But it’s not fair. He didn’t give me anything to work on and disappeared. He doesn’t reply, time extension would be pointless. Why I should suffer for this?


Those are the only choices you’ve got I’m afraid - ask for a time extension or go for a mutual cancellation.

Maybe in your requirements, you could click on the ‘answer is mandatory’ box, so that in the future, your orders can’t start until buyers do actually send you the attachment?


I have this requirement already. This guy just wrote “I can’t copy the text” in the mandatory field and started the order. It’s unbelievable that my perfect statistics would go to waste because of this moron. I don’t have a lot of orders even now, competition in the translation branch is very tough. After this I won’t have any clients at all.


If this is going to be only one cancellation there is no need to be scared, it would be a lot better to do it instead of getting late with the delivery. But like @djgodknows said it’s a lot better to open a dispute and request an extension of the delivery time. I use that option when I have clients like you did and it works like a charm.

I had a client that still waits for his photographer to send him the professional photoshoots and we agreed to extend the delivery time for additional 10 days.


I opened the dispute. It says “THE BUYER HAS 1 DAY TO ACCEPT OR
DECLINE”. If he won’t do anything (most likely scenario) would it count as my fault and affect my statistics? Meanwhile the clock is still ticking, I have 1 days and 7 hours.


It shouldn’t affect it.

You have 28 orders that are rated with 5 stars, one order won’t do you a harm.


It’s just an one order. We face those things every day. It’s okay man. Think like it’s a step to become a good seller on Fiverr.


Nothing to be worried. One such cancellation will not harm you much but who wantsta get an order cancelled! You are gonna be a big seller. Relax. That’s so common(may be you are facing this situation for the first time) an incident.

Although I am not so experienced but heard a lot about such phenomenon from one of my senior seller friends.


Click ¨deliver work¨ and send him this note:

Hey. I’m still waiting on your response so I can complete your order. I’m marking it order as complete to avoid being penalized for being late. Don’t worry, I will complete the necessary tasks as soon as I hear back from you. I hope everything is okay. Message me as soon as you can. Thanks. :slight_smile: