I need help with fanart copyright and copyright protected footage in editor showreel



I’m new on Fiverr, so I have to ask for some help.
I have some works that I want to put in gig photos, and one of it is a poster for Birdman movie. I couldn’t find the answer in the terms of service, should I put a disclaimer notice and it is alright, or is it not allowed on Fiverr? And what are the regulations for music used in showreels and gig videos, can I use a copyrighted song and just put a disclaimer notice?



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You’re not allowed to use copyrighted imagery whatsoever.


Even if it is a fanart poster that I created and designed?


Well, if you personally created the artwork you may use it.


Well, in some way, I did. The problem is that movie exists and I used their original photo for the poster, and then edited it and designed, but the base is their image from the movie.


unless you can irrevocably prove that you own the copyright to the work yourself then don’t tempt fate with your account.


Ok, understood. Thanks!


Because one of the 3 things can happen: (& has happened in the past)

  • Account flagged and/or
  • Gig removed and/or
  • Account terminated.


Good to know! Thanks!


fan art is technically speaking copyright violations.

Let’s take Star Trek, they will let you do your own fan trekkie series, like on youtube. As long as you don’t make money.


Yes, sure, I wanted to post it as an example of my work, I didn’t want to sell it.