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I need help with FIVERR

I feel that fiverr isn’t used fiverr, no one hires me, I need to encourage me, I want to do something that is good and therefore win… :frowning:

You could try adding more info on the description, more samples and changing the title . Maybe “I will take a still life photo” or “I will take a photo in my city”. Might help :wink:

I agree with madmoo. It took me a little over a week to get my first order and, since then, the orders gradually started rolling in. Have a little patience.

Stick with it, and promote your gig on social media, write a blog, etc. Most of all, be patient. It takes time to get orders. You’ll get there.

my 1st order :)>- waiting 40 days :slight_smile:

now checked your gig

  1. your gig service title description not clearly not target service
  2. gig image you can use your own creative image
  3. you can use gig video

    check other gig same to your service and create super gig (do not copy gig) next start promote your service you can use your facebook,twitter profile and and you can got some help your friend