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I need help with identity verification

Hello everyone above, I am having trouble verifying my account by ID card.
I can’t go through the double-sided save of my ID card, I need someone who can help me through this step, thanks


When I did mine, I used an image munching app to get the two sides on one page. You can download it from the play store. It helps you put the images on one page.

I hope this helps?

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I mean, when I went to the step of taking pictures, there was a sign that the camera could not click on the link.

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Oh! That maybe a network glitch. You can as well take the picture before and just upload it.

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The verification process consists of 2 stages:

  1. Take a photo of your passport/driver’s license/ID.
  2. Take a photo of yourself.

You have the option to either go to the camera App on your phone to take a current photo or to access your photos/files on your phone to upload a pre-existing file/photo from your phone. Before proceeding to the next step in the verification process, you can also retake the photos as many ever times as you want until you are satisfied with the quality of the photo.

Just like how someone had already mentioned in a previous thread , you can also upload a pre-existing/pre-scanned photo of your document by clicking on the icon that allows you to access the photos/files on your phone.

I believe the more clear, sharp, focused, and bright (without overexposure, of course) your photos are, the higher is your chance of success.

Therefore, I believe the easiest way to succeed in the verification process is by getting a professionally-made studio-quality photo of your ID and yourself and uploading it during your verification process (by clicking on the icon that allows you to access the photos/files on your phone).

You could also use a scanner to scan your documents, but I believe a professional-quality photo of your ID (taken in a bright environment with diffuse lighting) would have a much higher resolution/quality.

Here’s what I personally did:

  1. Since I didn’t have a pre-scanned image of my ID that was of good enough quality, I decided to first take a photo of my ID before starting the verification process (I used a 16 Mp camera for this purpose). It is also possible to tab out of your browser to access the camera App on your phone even when you are already in the middle of the verification process on your mobile browser.

I stuck my ID onto the middle of a plain white paper (with double-sided tape). I then turned ALL the lights in my room on to ensure that the room was brightly lit and that the light was very diffuse. This was to ensure that there was no shadow projecting onto the ID while taking its photo. I rested the sheet of paper (with my ID) on a wall and then took a photo. Please make sure that the photo looks sharp and bright. I then uploaded the photo to my PC and edited it further for better brightness and image clarity. I then sent the edited image to my phone and started the verification process. In the first step, I clicked on the icon to access files on my phone and uploaded this edited image of my ID. Despite putting in all the effort to ensure that the edited photo was as bright as possible, the final uploaded image in step 1 looked dull/dark. But that didn’t seem to be an issue.

  1. Since I already had a studio-quality photo of myself taken when I had applied for my passport, I just uploaded that photo in the second step.

This is the end of the verification process. You will then get a message saying that Fiverr has received your photos and that they will inform you of the result.

Hardly 5 seconds after that, I got an email saying that I’d successfully verified my ID

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