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I need help with my fiverr!

i have my account restricted and i want to know how long it would take?!


Please see:


Restriction - means the account is partially disabled. The customer, either buyer or seller, can access the account, withdraw funds, complete ongoing orders, and review their order history. They cannot place or receive new orders, nor can they communicate with other customers through inbox messages. Seller’s Gigs will not show on the marketplace, and buyers will not be able to place new orders.

Once an account is temporarily disabled, the customer will need to wait for the trial period which can take upwards of 90 days to be completed to know if their account will be restored or permanently disabled.

Note: Customer Support cannot influence the result of this review, nor can they update the user on the review’s end date.

The above is from the Help Centre.


am i forced to wait 90 days i need money alot rn

You will just have to wait for the outcome of the Review.

it depends why its restricted, mine got restricted because they couldn’t confirm ID after a week when I did it was all okay and I got it back

when will that be
i need it to be fast!

mine was for spamming messages

That is a Terms of Service violation.

Neither Customer Support (see my previous post) nor anyone on the forum can help you further with this.

You have no option but to wait for the outcome.

when will i get the out come is it 90 days?

Maybe it will be a bit sooner than that but don’t bank on it.

Will leave this with you.

i need it to be 24h!!!

You are going to have to wait.

Spamming messages (as has been noted above) is a ToS violation that Fiverr takes very seriously.

You read the Terms of Service, right?

Then you should know that spamming messages was not a cool thing to do.

You brought this on yourself, so, sadly, you have to wait it out.

If you can’t, don’t forget, there are other freelance platforms out there.

Most of them also have strict rules that members are expected to follow, so beware.


What you needed to do is not to break the rules :wink:

Right now you have to wait even if you need it.
If they do block you per any you still will have to wait 90 days before asking to withdraw your funds.

You can’t just break the rules and expect to get everything as you want.
You can’t rob a bank, get cought and demand from the police to give you money and let you go because you need it